The Biggest VR Theme Park in Macau

Our group is proud to be appointed by D Legend Macau Limited as sole agent to successfully acquire a 50,000 sq ft for its biggest VR theme park, Legend Heroes Park, in Macau, which provides players with a new and exciting immersive entertainment experience that integrated cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) technologies.

D Legend Macau Limited had originally intended to introduce a traditional physical theme park concept to Macau. However - after having examined the market analysis that we prepared, and considered factors such as business agility, capital expenditure, space required and customer retention rate - the client was persuaded to open a theme park with VR elements that would be novel to the city.

Our group assisted the client in setting up the local company, negotiating the best commercial terms, as well as in aligning the relevant parties on matters related to legal, HR, licence submission, logistics and accounting within a short period of time. The team also exceeded the scope of work expected as a leasing agent by advising the park operator on how best they should position their business in the Macau market, and aligning them with local and overseas broadcasters as well as online platforms to maximise the park’s exposure.
The soft opening of the Legend Heroes Park paves the way for the launch of the 50,000 sq ft permanent venue in 2019 July, when it will become the biggest indoor VR theme park in the region.

Post Date: 01/05/2019

Retail Consultancy for the Largest Fashion Retailer in Macau

World First Holdings operates more than 90 stores in Macau, now being one of the biggest retail operators that holds the franchisee right of over 20 high end international fashion brands , with an unrivalled distribution network that includes over 250 directly operated stores and a talent force of over 1500 throughout Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

Our group is proud to be WFH’s retail consultant in forming expansion strategies and picking the right location for different brands, having helped WFH to expand more than 10 shops in the past 2 years, our relationship with the client has further been strengthened by helping them to secure their biggest high street retail space in Macau in the first quarter this year with size over 14,000sqf.

For representation, please contact Mr Oliver Tong at (853) 6288 7730 for details.

Post Date: 01/05/2019